Women are usually confused in choosing their clothes for work, but if you are willing to spend a bit of time to think and look around you may be able to get the right clothes. Women who spend time working in the office with air-conditioning facility are usually more flexible in choosing clothes. They look more fashionable than those working outside the office.

Woman Closing Tips: What To Wear To Work

Here are some simple tips for choosing work clothes for women who spend their time mostly in the office.


Except uniform, choosing the color of work clothes should be matched your skin color. Your skin color is a basic guide in choosing your work clothes. You will look elegant when wearing work clothes that are suitable with your color skin.


Clothes styles used for work in the office are usually much simpler than what used in the party. It is important for you to look neat and polite and your clothes should not interfere with your work activities.


Blazer or other outerwear such as light jacket is an item that can be worn by women who work in the office, especially if they have to work late. In addition to protecting yourself from the cold temperatures, blazer can also increase a graceful appearance.


Accessories such as bracelets or watches can be used to give the impression of stylish and professional in one’s appearance. You should choose natural colors that are not in contrast with your work clothes.


Woman bag is one of accessories which should not be abandoned by every woman. In addition to its function, the bag can improve the appearance of the wearer. Many women even spend a lot of money to just buy a woman bag, some of woman bags worth thousands of dollars.

High Heels

Women who work in the office and high heels are the two inseparable parts. In addition to improving self-confidence, the high heels can also beautify the shape of the wearers’ body. They (the wearers) will appear higher than their actual height.
Besides some suggested tips above, there are also some tips that are not recommended to use by women while working at the office.

Tight Clothes

Too tight clothes are not recommended for women who work in the office. In addition to not suitable with the office atmosphere, the tight one can also interfere with the activity of the work.


Actually, in the professional world, “too much skin showing legs” are not recommended. Besides contrary to the professional, excessive miniskirts can also restrict the activities of the wearers in their work.

Torn Jeans

There are several companies that give a freedom to their employees to use jeans in the work, but in case you are one of them (the employees), you should choose only clean jeans-based clothes and avoid any ripped jeans.
We hope some advices above could be a guide for you to choose good work clothes.

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