Selection of work clothes can affect your mood and motivation when working, especially when you work in the summer. In the summer you should be able to choose the right kind of clothes so that you are not tormented by the heat.

What to Wear to Work in Summer: 5 Tips

If you are confused to choose what to wear to work in summer, you can see some points below:

1. Do not use tight clothes

Do not wear clothes that are too tight as they can cause the air circulation inside your body reduced or hampered. Tight clothing also causes excessive sweat production. If you sweat too much then your movement becomes impaired and this condition could ultimately bring down your mood and your work motivation. The best choice for summer work clothes is slim fit type. No exception for summer.

2. Wearing Chino Pants

Chino pants are very suitable when used in hot weather. You should choose cotton chinos that will make you look good without make you like a boiled shrimp in the middle of the hot temperatures. Use chinos with soft colors such as pastel or brown. Do not use pants with striking colors.

3. Choose Cotton Clothes

As already explained above that cotton clothing is the most appropriate clothing type you use during the summer. Cotton clothes can absorb sweat and have a light weight so they are very comfortable to wear. This clothes type also makes the pores of your skin able to breathe freely. In the summer, your pores will tend to be large and you have to make sure they can breathe freely, otherwise you will experience some sort of skin inflammation or irritation on your skin surface.

4. Wear Bright Colors

During the summer, it’s recommended for you to use brightly colored clothes because the bright colors do not absorb heat from the sun. You should realize that black and other dark colors will only make your body hotter because the colors will absorb heat from the sun. But you should also be aware that the use of bright colors should be tailored to your skin type. Don’t make you look like a clown by wearing inappropriate bright colors. You need to be smart in combining the colors.

5. Be Casual

There are some countries that allow employees to work using T-shirt and shorts. Good example is UK, as according to the Trade Union of the United Kingdom, office workers are allowed to wear casual clothing. Of course you have to adjust your summer work clothes with regulations established in the country where you are working. Each country has a different policy on the use of work clothes, no exception for what to wear to work summer.

Wearing appropriate work clothes during the summer is important so that you can work more comfortable, but do not forget to always maintain a healthy body with sufficient water intake so that you do not become dehydrated.

We hope some points above can be your guideline to choose your next summer work clothes.

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