Confused of what to wear to an interview-women? At a job interview, appearance is one important factor to consider. Well-groomed appearance will provide professional impression. The job interview is an important moment in your career.

Burden in job interviews often make applicants feel nervous and restless. Appearance is one of the important points that must be considered when doing a job interview. The better you look, the greater your confidence. If you feel confident you can instill good impression to the person who interviewed you. You may ask yourself about what to wear to interview women, what you should show, etc. Here are some basic rules of dress when conducting job interviews.

Do not wear clothes that are too casual

You should use formal dress. By wearing formal dress then you present yourself as a professional. Make sure you wear clothes that are not too loose or too tight.

Adjust Clothing to the Field of Work You Apply For

If you apply to companies such as banks, law firms, then use formal dress like blazer (if you are a woman). But if you apply to companies working in creative fields, such as media or advertising agencies, give a little color in your appearance through use of accessory scarf, necklace, or belt.

What to Wear For an Interview

You can choose a blue blazer paired with black or gray accents. This color will give the impression that you are honest and trustworthy. Conversely, avoid bright red color because this color will give the impression you are a person who likes to challenge.

Avoid the Impression Section

If you are a woman, you need to know what women should wear to an interview at first. Do not ever try to look sexy by wearing a mini skirt. This appearance will make you seem unprofessional and certainly you do not want to draw the attention of other people in the wrong way.

Avoid Excessive Use of Accessories

Excessive accessories such as necklaces, rings and bracelets can disturb or distract the interviewer. Women are also advised not to carry a handbag because it will give an impression they are selfish and cannot cooperate with the team.

Good Appearance for Men

For men, it’s advised to wear clothes with a bit dark colors like dark blue or black. Use loafers that have been polished well. Also use long enough black socks so that your furry legs will not be visible if you cross your legs.

Pay Attention to Neatness

Usually men are not too concerned about their appearance. But every man has to pay attention to neatness, for example, make sure your shirt put in long pants and use a belt. Note also the neatness of your hair. If you are a woman, you must know the neatness as a part of what to wear for interview woman.

You Should Give a Professional Impression

Before meeting the interviewer you can go first to the restroom to check your appearance Make sure your sweats don’t marks on clothes. Calm yourself before entering a job interview. Give a firm and strong enough handshake. Sit up straight and make eye contact with the interviewer. Do not forget to smile. Do not mumble when answering questions, speak clearly and confidently.

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