Planning to attend a spring wedding? Spring comes after winter passes. In fact, people usually hold wedding in the spring, so the season is commonly called the wedding season. This article may help you in choosing what to wear to a spring wedding. Let’s check them out!

Spring Wedding Fashion Ideas

If you have some friends who invite you to their wedding, then prepare the right apparel. You may feel confused in choosing the right dress style to attend a wedding in the spring.

Simply White

You can wear high heels with little white-golden ornaments. The white color is suitable for the wedding in the spring. Marriage is usually synonymous with white color that indicates the sacred love. There is nothing wrong if you choose a white dress to attend the spring wedding. Make sure your appearance does not look excessive. Plain white dress with white high heels will enhance your appearance. The combination will make you look younger than your age.


In addition to white, the black color is also very suitable to apply on a spring wedding party dress. Black dress looks beautiful when paired with a brown handbag and silver high heels. You can wear gold bracelets and necklaces to complement the dress. Basically, a black dress can be used in the summer, but you have to use accessories that match the color. Do not use a black dress without accessories because it will only make you look too flashy that does not match the spring. If the wedding takes place at night then you can combine black dresses with brightly colored accessories such as red, blue, or even yellow.

Soft Touch

To attend the spring wedding you can choose soft colors such as pastels. In addition to make your skin looks more beautiful, pastel colors also match any wedding theme. Long cardigans can be the answer for those who do not like to wear a dress. The combination of pastel dress, navy cardigans, as well as the handbag of the same color will make you look elegant when attending any wedding. Most party dress experts recommend soft colors to be used in every wedding theme.

Floral Dress

Spring is always synonymous with the blossoming flowers in the garden that it’s recommended if you choose a dress with floral motif. Floral dress is suitable to use for attending the spring wedding. The blossoming flowers are identical with April and flowers motifs are recommended to consider when you choosing what to wear to an April wedding. The elegance of a floral dress can be combined with a white handbag. As a complement, you can use high heels with different colors to give the impression of contrast.

You should use natural makeup shades. Spring is a season that is synonymous with simplicity so make sure your appearance is not too flashy.

We hope you can consider some tips above in your next spring party. Good luck!

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