Any friendship can turn toxic if we do inappropriate things to others. It’s rather easy to ruin friendship, especially if we do the following bad things to our friends.

1/We Become A Frenemy

When a friend has achieved something, is at a better place or is in a happier situation; it is easy to turn into a frenemy. As an example, we could say that “Wow, you have lost weight”, but this could imply negative thing if we don’t smile sincerely and don’t add any good comment. It is important to be sincere when complimenting our friend.

2/We Harbour A Grudge

Long-term memory may linger for years. Perceived wrongdoing and injustices can be firmly embedded into someone’s mind, they could be a death-knell of a social relationship. Things that we say as a joke during adolescence years could be remembered until adulthoods.

3/We Are Very Responsive To Emotions

Women are more responsive to emotions than men. As a result, friendships among women often include passive aggressive behaviours. This could turn into a highly emotional obstacle. Women could show loaded responses and silent recriminations due over-reactive responses to emotions. When a girl sees that his boyfriend is talking and smiling with her friend, it is actually natural to think that both of them are silently flirting. When a woman is very responsive to such emotions, a friendship may turn toxic really quickly.

4/We Are Too Demanding

We may demand too much from our friends. Our friends could feel that they are being constantly pressured to do specific things. Eventually, they could start avoiding us or even abandoning us completely.

5/We Are Too Judgmental

We could easily judge friends based on everything they say. Unfortunately, this could result in a toxic friendship. Our friendship could be demanding enough without the constant raised eyebrows. It is better to replace judgment with a complete kindness.

6/We Show Others That We Have More Money

Our friendship can be toxic if we deliberately show our friends that we have more money than them. We may not say it directly, but we could bring and show many of the expensive things that we have just bought. Even the act of treating our friends in expensive restaurants could be seen as a way to show off. Whether we have money or not, friends could sense whether we are being sincere or not.

7/We Have Different Lifestyle

Friendships are based on a common ground, such as difficulties with boyfriend and unhappiness in career. Friendships are affected by changes, both positively and negatively. When something essential changes, both sides may find it hard to cope.

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