Here are some usefull tips on how to save a marriage that may be used or to have a harmonious marriage.

6 tips on how to save your marriage

Tip 1 / You Should Have A Concern About The Standpoint Of Your Marriage

When you feel angry, isolated, or tired, it will be difficult to see things outside of your own problems. You may feel you have given more than you earn and your patience has run out. However, what about your partner? How does he/she feel? It’s hard to take your mind off your problems and move on to think about your mate’s feeling, but this step is important to create a better communication between you and your husband/wife.

  • If it is difficult to know the feeling of your partner, ask to yourself about how you would feel if you are your partner. How would you feel if you have a difficult job to meet your partner’s needs? How would you feel if your partner has to go to the office and go home two hours a day? Ask yourself how you feel about each of the barriers faced by your partner.
  • Consider how your behavior affects your partner. Is your behavior negatively affecting your partner? Whenever you feel the need to express critical statement, try to put yourself in it. For example, when you ignore your partner, imagine what if your partner ignores you when you are dealing with him/her.

Tip 2 / Listen to your partner

Communication is listening and expressing. When your partner is trying to explain something to you, would you listen? Listening means really listening to what other people are saying and you make every effort to understand his/her point of view. To behave like this, you can do a deeper, intimate and honest conversation.

  • If your mind goes everywhere while your partner is talking and you respond carelessly before he/she finishes his/her words, then you are not really listening. Leave aside your feelings when your partner is talking.
  • Use body language that gives further support to your partner. You may need to do face-to-face conversation. Do not wince otherwise you will hurt your partner without realizing the consequences.

Tip 3 / Reduce Your Reaction

Use the time to think before speaking. Think about the consequences of what you say. Think of ways to arrange the words so that sound obvious, to be honest but not painful. Striking, interrupting, leaving the room are useless reactions that would break the communication rather than deal with it.

Tip 4 / Try To Reflect

Sometimes people have difficulty to really understand what bothering partner is. It is easy to misunderstand the words of others and eventually cause anger or hurt. Your partner will be amazed with your response. Mirroring is an exercise that can help solve this problem. Once your partner expresses his/her feelings, repeat your interpretation of what he/she said. Ask your partner to reflect as well. This step will help you to understand each style of communicating with each other properly. How to save my marriage tips depend on the reflection.

Tip 5 / Consult A Marriage Consultant

If you and your partner can’t meet the solution you need to consult a marriage consultant. The marriage consultants are professionals who are engaged for solving any marriage problem that can happen.

Tip 6 / Do Not Hold A Grudge

Do not hold a grudge because vengeance is the source of the disaster. How could you expect happiness while you are keeping a grudge? Past is past and you need to move forward. Don’t let the grudge destroys your marriage.

These 6 tips can be classified as how to save marriage 6 unconventional tips. Hope this article is helpful.

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