As students hit puberty, their conversation will start to revolve around crushes and their budding relationships. As this moment, many young teenagers think that they should find a significant other. Unfortunately, some single students can’t help to feel estranged and feel left out, because of the peer pressure.

Should Students Stay Single?

However, being single shouldn’t be perceived as a condition with loneliness and sadness. Good relationships may add plenty of meaning for young students, but there are many benefits of being single as well. Here are reasons students should be single.

1 /Pursue Own Goals

They can stay themselves. When students are single, they are not answerable to anyone. It is not necessary for them to think about someone else’s needs and wants. Students are able to pursue their own goals better. They can concentrate on doing things that matter the most to them, whether it is getting good scores at school or doing favourite hobbies.

2/Deal With Loneliness

They know how to deal with loneliness. At specific times in our lives, we will be alone. Students who are dating different persons alternately may actually have discomfort with the idea of being alone and spending time with themselves. It is a wonderful experience of knowing how to not depend on others.

3/Unique Identity

They aren’t defined by partner’s accomplishments. Students should be given the chance of building their unique identity. Single students are known to others as themselves, instead of known as someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

4/Money Saving

They are able to save money. Being in a relationship won’t help students save money. The countless obligations for dates and gifts will result in a longer list of expenses.

5/Time For Hobbies

They have time to pursue favourite hobbies. Students will be able to pick up new hobbies, because they have more free time after school and during weekend. Young students often find interesting, new things that can develop into productive adulthood hobbies or even career.

6/Good Sleep

They can sleep better. Students with relationship are often glued to their smartphone, even past bedtime. There’s no need for single students to stay awake until 1AM sending endless instant messages to their girlfriend/boyfriend. Single students are less likely to become their smartphone’s slave and it is possible for them to be much more productive. Also, parents won’t complain about hefty phone bills.

7/Own Happiness

They are responsible for their own happiness. It’s a good thing to be responsible for our own happiness. It’s a bad idea to rely on others to fulfil our emotional needs and requirements.

8/Old Friendship

They won’t abandon old friendship. Old friendship may wither and die, because romantic relationships can be quite time-consuming. By being single, students are able to nurture old friendships with their buddies. In many cases, old friends are more loyal and trustworthy than new girl/boyfriend that they barely know.

9/Free Flirt

They can flirt freely. It’s normal for students to flirt with someone that they consider as attractive. They can do that with whoever they want over Facebook, WhatsApp and in real life. They won’t feel guilty and it isn’t necessary to deal with jealous girl/boyfriend

10/Quality Relationships

They can wait for quality relationship. It’s better to have one long-lasting quality relationship than a dozen of mediocre or bad ones. Poor relationship only adds stress to our life. Also, single people don’t have to go through the hassle of being dumped or breaking up.

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