Sugary drinks and food are often associated with diabetes, tooth decay and obesity. Cutting down on our sugar consumption will actually offer many more benefits, compared to regular dieting sessions.

Here are 7 benefits we could get consuming less sugar food.

1 / We Get Sharper Brain

Sugar doesn’t decay our teeth, but also our brain. Sugar will definitely impair and affect our brain’s cognitive functions. By consuming quality fat and protein, while reducing sugar intake; our brain will respond better.

2 / We Are Happier

Food affects chemicals in our body and consequently, our mood. People who drink more than four servings of sugary drinks and soda each day have 30 percent higher chance of getting depression. Drinks change the mood-regulating chemicals in our body and we will be able to function better.

3 / We Have Better-Looking Skin

Sugar wrinkles and dulls skin; which will result in skin aging. When mixed with protein, sugar can cause glycation, which reduces the elasticin and collagen production. Our skin will be elastic, smooth, soft and firm. When sugar intake is reduced, our skin will start to clear up.

4 / We Have Healthier Liver

One of the most common problems among modern society is fatty liver. This situation can be related to sugary drinks.

5 / We Feel More Energetic

It’s true that sugar will keep us energized and awake. However, there’s a possibility that we will have unhealthy dependence for it. When we feel sleepy and sluggish, we will start to crave for carb and sugar. It’s better to rely on more complex carbohydrate from whole grain food, instead of pumping up our system with white refined sugar.

6 / We Have Lower Blood Pressure

Salt isn’t the only thing that can cause blood pressure. Excessive sugar consumption will raise our blood pressure. Normal blood pressure reduces the likelihood of stroke, heart attacks and various abnormal heart conditions.

7 / Cancer Is Less Likely To Happen

Breast cancer is associated with increased intake of lactose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose and maltose consumptions. In order to lessen the risk, we could find other alternatives, like honey and agave nectar.

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