A couple of decades ago many people do not even think that it makes sense except the ears pierced themselves something else. But the more developing technical progress, the more modern ways of approaching the piercing wild tribes.

Piercing Trends 2016

A crowd of more and more often pierced noses, lips, tongues, navels … But this is, as they say, the flowers. But what do you think about come into fashion through the tunnels in the ears, pierced genitals, nipples, or drilled holes in the skull into which are threaded rings (brain-piercing)?

If you still want to stand out from the crowd, to become fashionable, original and extreme, consider today’s popular types of piercing and possible consequences after them.

Piercing Navel

This type of piercing is the most common among young fashionistas, lovers of his short topics.

Piercing Nose

More often than not wear an earring on the wing of the nose, rarely pierce the skin fold between the nasal septum and the tip of the nose. Pierce’s nose really hurt!
lip piercing earring worn either in the middle or on the side. It should not touch the teeth on the inner side of the mouth, or damaged enamel.

Nipples Piercing

To this agree only fans of extreme sensations, and mostly men. Women with pierced nipples is difficult to understand, as they are at great risk their own health and the health of their future children.


Tongue piercing has recently considered a very fashionable among young people.

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