We certainly remember snuggling with our parents while imagining magical places, interesting characters and exciting story plots. Reading bedtime stories has scientifically proven benefits.

Here are reasons why we should do this every day:

1 / We Create Predictable Sleep Routines

Many of us know that bedtime is one of the biggest struggles of the day. Although children need more sleep than adults, they often don’t want to go to bed. Children development is affected by proper and consistent bedtime routines.

Reading bedtime stories will be an ideal addition to the daily routines. Adults can’t immediately go from total busyness of the day, directly to the bed. People need a relaxing transition and this also applies to children. About 30 minutes before bedtime, there shouldn’t be any kind of vigorous activities.

Before going to bed, children should brush their teeth, wash their hands and feet; and listening to stories. The entire activities can be completed in just 30 minutes. Children should make sure that they have predictable routines and parents need to help them with that.

In fact, child’s mind and body will slowly become conditioned to this habit; and they could start to feel sleepy when listening to bedtime stories. Children books with relatively short chapters are ideal for bedtime stories. Parents and children will be able to look forward in finding out things that could happen next to the characters in the book. Sharing our enthusiasm for regular book reading can become contagious and this will encourage children to read more books in later years.

2 / Better Transition From A Busy Day To A Relaxing Night

The last thing that working parents want is a hectic bedtime. While parents are busy at the office and home; children also have the same experience at school, especially if they have after-school activities. Bedtime can be just as busy, as parents constantly tell their children to change clothes, brush their teeth and take a bath.

Children need more sleep than parents, but they don’t always cooperate. There should be a slower transition from waking to sleeping hours. Reading bedtime story will end a day-long battle and there are so many stories to tell.

3 / Parents And Children Are Able To Reconnect

Bedtime reading session is also the time when parents and children communicate on what is happening during the day. It is the time to wind down and reconnect. When children are misbehaving, what they really need is a personal attention from parents. During reading session, it is likely for children to get positive attention, instead of a negative one.

4 / Improved Language Development

Bedtime stories are great tools to improve language skills. Children will know new words, new meanings and new concepts. When learning about new language concepts, it is better for children to learn them from people, instead of from books and screens.

Although children story books use simpler words and sentences; there are still many unique words that children can learn. Books always contain more complete and diverse set of words and meanings than typical conversations with parents. Other than hearing more words, children are also able to associate words with images. Even simple stories have numerous complex rhymes and sentences. Better vocabulary skill is a good predictor for better reading comprehension.

5 / Increased Brain Activities

There’s always a neurological benefits of regularly listening to something new. Children who listen stories during bedtime have bigger activation in the left hemisphere of their brain, specifically, in a region known as the “parietal temporal occipital association cortex”. It is the place where visual and audio stimulations are integrated.

The area becomes very active on older children, when they are reading a book by their own. In younger children, parents are able to stimulate this region, by reading bedtime stories each night. In this case, children will have improved visual association.

There are many collections of wonderful bedtime stories and we don’t have to repeat the same classic stories, over and over again. Some bedtime stories have rhymes that further add cognitive benefits to this bedtime ritual.

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