Necklace Chain Styles Guide for you, necklace lover, so you can tell the difference between a plenty types of chain style that others might not understand. If every now and then you just look at the various necklace chains and admire some of them without knowing exactly what they are.

This Necklace Chain Styles Guide will help you identify them so you know the type of your favorite.

1 / Herringbone Chain Styles

herringbone necklace chain styles

A classic style, comprise of a sequence of flat, short links placed in some unique patterns. The chains lie perfectly on the skin and matched with casual clothing.

2 / Bead Chains

bead necklace chain styles
The bead shaped like a small ball very similar to dog tag chains. The balls tied together closely with a simple string. The bead chain mimics the look of pearl necklace. This type of chain matched perfectly with casual clothing.

3 / Box Chains Link Shaped

box chains link shaped
The box chains link shaped as some small boxes tied tightly to form a chain. The side of the box reflects light that comes to them, causing the chain to sparkle. Actually the box chain looks great even without pendant, but some also look great with it. This type of chain matched well with many everyday clothing.

4 / Rope Chain Styles

rope necklace chain styles
The rope looks just like a twisted cable, with intertwined oval links of those 2 or more ‘cable’ the rope-like spiral chain is made. The rope can be thick or not depends on the size of intertwined oval links. Some of them contained a diamond in them, makes it a fancy, sparkling necklace.

5 / Cuban Links

cuban Necklace Chain Styles
The Cuban links contain of sleek lines with close set links that are flattened. The heavier, tighter links are usually worn by men, and the softer one is usually worn by women, although the difference of the link probably just on millimeter scale.

So that was Necklace Chain Styles Guide, hope it helps you identify necklace.

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