Have you prepared your summer makeup? The summer is going to come! During the summer, simple makeup is the best thing that you have to choose.

Summer is so feared by every woman who has an oily face. A simple makeup will greatly help you to move all day outside your home. You just need a little makeup equipment to make your look more beautiful and natural.

Tips For Summer Makeup

Eyes are the focal point of your face. Make sure that the techniques and eye makeup color selection must be chosen according to the shape and color of your eyes.

  • By modifying your eyeshadow color, you can create the illusion of new shape and new size. Always remember that light colors make the eyes stand out and dark colors make the eyes look small. It’s depending on your eyes, if you are a Chinese woman, then you should avoid dark colors or you will make your eyes look more slanted.
  • In addition to facial makeup, eye makeup should be considered too. In the summer, eye makeup is one of the keys to beauty. Before applying summer eye makeup you should take a facial treatment in advance. Wash your face to clean up the oil and sweat left behind on its surface. Not only sweat, oil also has the potential to make a makeup easily fade. By using clay mask on a regular basis you can also help to prevent excess oil production.
  • Eyeshadows with metallic color such as gold can be used to get warm and sexy look. The use of the gold eyeshadow can be followed by the use of eyeliner to form a tapering line on the surface of the outer corner of your eyes. Use a bit of gray or black eyeshadow to make the gold color able in a harmony with your eyeliner.
  • Pink eyeshadow can be used at around the eyelids, equipped with a bit of bright purple color on the inside and outside of eyes, so you can make your eyes look more striking. Afterwards, add dark purple eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes to form a triangle outline. The use of dark purple is recommended at night. You can also combine dark purple eyeshadow with the gold one.
  • While wearing eyeshadows, you should broom the one with the lightest color on the entire territory of the lash line to the brow. This eyeshadow color (the lightest color) should be your base color and serving as a foundation for your eyes. The use of eye foundation will make your eye folds / wrinkles less visible.
  • Use eyeshadow base before applying eyeshadow on the eyelid. Choose creamy eyeshadow or powdered eyeshadow since both eyeshadow types are used in hot weather as what you will meet in the summer. Do not forget to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to create the effect of volume.

We hope this article can be your best guide to apply makeup in the summer.

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