Here we will discuss about how to paint our lips, especially how to paint red lips. We already know that red color is a powerful performance booster. Moreover, red lipstick can give the impression of whiter teeth and more attractive eyes appearance. Most of celebrities rely on the color to boost their performance.

Here Are 6 Steps That Can Be Applied To Paint Your Lips

But you should realize that wearing red lipstick is not as simple as wearing the pastel one. You need to know a few proper tricks in order to make your red lips not give an older impression.

1/ Outline The Lips

The red color is striking and contrasting to the natural color of your skin. Before applying red lipstick it would be nice if you make a line on your lips by using a lip liner. Create a precise line on the surface of your lips. The precise line guides you in doing the next step, painting. Don’t ever forget this step because it is a basic step of lip painting, no matter what colors you would choose for.

2 / Select The Most Appropriate Color

Everyone has a different skin color, that’s why not all colors can be applied to all types of skin color. Even everyone who has dark skin also has different brightness level with others (who have dark skin). You must determine which nuance of red color that is suitable for you. Try several shades of red to find the most suitable one for your face tone.

3 / Consider Lighting

If you will move outdoors, you should choose a soft red lipstick shade to avoid garish impression. Conversely, if you want to wear red lipstick in the room or for a party night, choose a lighter red color to accentuate your lips makeup. You need to choose the lipstick in accordance with what condition you’re dealing with.

4 / Consider The Shape Of Your Lips

If you have thin lips, you should not wear dark red lipstick because it will make your lips look smaller and thinner. Choose red lighter so you can make your lips look fuller. You can visit some forums that discuss about how to measure or how to paint your lips red.

5 / Choose Simple Makeup

The most important thing to note before you wear red lipstick is the overall makeup of your face. If you have already chosen a striking lipstick, you should choose your eye makeup gently to make your lips not look like a clown.

6 / Make Sure Your Lipstick Does Not Stain Your Teeth

Commonly, lipsticks stain teeth and make ridiculous smile. Moreover, if you use bright color lipstick, of course you can get more obvious stains. To avoid the stains, you need to tuck tissue on the inside of your lips and press. By doing this step, your lipstick would not stain your teeth.

We hope some tips above can help you in painting your beautiful lips. Good luck!

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