Mostly women want to get back their figure after giving birth. Approximately 70% of mothers gain weight after the birth of the baby. Excess weight, bulging belly, pulled muscles and the skin cause the young mother dissatisfaction with their appearance and can even lead to depression. How to find a way out? We suggest 8 easy tips.

8 Tips To Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

Will And Time

Most importantly – patience. Regaining your figure after pregnancy is a process that requires the will and time, but if you stick to a healthy diet and regularly set aside time for exercise, the full return to the old form, you can throughout the year.

Relevant Diet

During feeding, you can use a light diet with restriction, but not with the exception of evening meals, smaller meals (5-6 meals in small portions); calorie daily diet should not be less than 1,800 calories.

Good/Bad Foods

Prefer useful products that will help you quickly get back in shape, without causing harm to the child – milk, yogurt, fish (salmon, tuna), lean meat, chicken, oats, fruits and vegetables. About the “bad” foods – fast food, rich pastries and sweets, prepared food, pickles and smoked – to forget.

Drink Enough

Be sure to keep drinking regime – drinking 1.5-2 liters of normal or non-carbonated mineral water, you can help protect your body from dehydration, to blunt the feeling of hunger and speed up metabolism. If you drink the liquid before a meal, the reduction in volume of portions will not be noticeable.

Be Active

Before you start to exercise, it is necessary to consult a doctor, who led your pregnancy – it is possible that during pregnancy and childbirth has imposed certain restrictions on the exercise. Choose exercises to fit your fitness before pregnancy and characteristics of figures with whom you are going to struggle.

Those who have better over time, after 6-8 weeks after uncomplicated childbirth classes can begin, gradually increasing the intensity and duration of the loads, elements of yoga and stretching exercises with a hoop, walking at a fast pace. For those with little time and limited light suitable anaerobic load – brisk walking with a stroller or without a 15-minute charge in the mornings and evenings. Exercise combined with proper nutrition will help you gradually lose weight, tighten and strengthen the stretched muscles during pregnancy.

Sleep Well

An important role in the restoration of the figure after childbirth plays an adherence to sleep – if carve 7-8 hours for a full sleep does not work, then you should try to make the most of the time during the day when the baby is sleeping – rest with your child. So in response to the lack of sleep the body starts to produce hormones that contribute to weight gain, and, in addition to the existing kilograms, you gain new ones.

Believe In Yourself

And remember, any diet and stress almost lose their meaning without your positive attitude. Belief in yourself, the support of family and friends, a positive shake-up in the form of shopping, going to the cinema and theater, favorite books and music – all the necessary ingredients for your success on the way to top form.

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