Wearing makeup and keepin it to be able to survive throughout the day are two different things. You should be able to wear makeup and keep it long-lasting. The weather in summer is a nightmare for most of women because their makeup tends to be fading. The question is what should we do regarding to how to do day makeup in summer?

Day MakeUp In Summer: 8 Useful Tips

Fortunately, now you do not have to worry anymore because below you will be given some tips on the use of makeup in the summer. These tips are recommended by most makeup experts and I embrace their ideas and share them for you.

  1. Use primer makeup before applying the entire makeup. When the summer comes you should use primer makeup that makes your final makeup long-lasting. In choosing primer makeup you need to do it in accordance with your own skin. If you have a dark skin you need to choose not too bright colors, but if you have bright skin, you will have a more freedom to choose primer makeup colors.
  2. Use mimetic stains while applying makeup for hot summer days. One of the tips wear makeup in the summer is the use of mimetic stains to hide blemishes and dark circles around your eyes. Do not use any type of liquid stains otherwise your face will look dirty when you sweat. Remember that temperatures give a strong effect of fading.
  3. Thin Makeup. Using thick makeup makeup does not guarantee you can survive long in the summer. You should wear a thin makeup in the summer because the heat will make you spend more sweat. Once again, don’t ever use thick makeup otherwise you will find your makeup fades.
  4. Primer eye makeup. Using primer eye makeup is a base before you use eye shadow. Choose the color that suits your skin type so that your face looks bright. Improper selection of primer eye makeup will make you look like a clown.
  5. Use dark lipsticks instead of using bright-color lipsticks. Today, many women are applying lipsticks with bright color to get the impression that they have the kind of full lips. This trick is useful in the winter but not in the summer. It’s recommended that you should use dark lipsticks so you can make your lips look thinner.
  6. Waterproof Makeup. You may not like to wear waterproof makeup, but this makeup type can last longer throughout the day. You have to ensure the resilience of makeup because this aspect is that often a disadvantage when used in the summer.
  7. Bronze-colored blush. You can try to use a bronze-colored blush on your face. Bronze color blush can be applied in a thin layer so that you can make your face look redness when exposed to sunlight. Sometimes, redness can give a beauty side of woman.
  8. Provide paper oil. You must provide waxed paper and apply it on your face during the summer. When you feel sweaty, use the paper to clean the sweat without removing your makeup.

We hope some advices above can give you a guideline to apply proper summer makeup. Good luck!

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