How to apply foundation makeup? Do you know? Do you often use a foundation? Foundation is one of the basic makeups used to enhance facial surface. Because of its function as a makeup complement, its use is highly recommended to get a perfect makeup result.

If you don’t use foundation before using other makeup components, the results of your makeup will not be perfect, where the color of your skin would become uneven or look dull or greasy.

How To Apply Foundation Makeup: 6 Easy Steps

You should be aware that the foundation products are composed of various types. Each foundation type has a different function. Of course, to get the perfect makeup when using the foundation you have to choose the type that is suitable for your skin type.

For those of you who have normal or dry skin, and have signs of premature aging, you can use the cream foundation. This type can perfectly disguise various signs of premature aging, and its use can be done practically and quickly. Here are the ways you need to do while using cream foundation:

Step 1 / Wash Your Face

The first step you should do is to wash your face thoroughly beforehand. If you do not wash your face before applying foundation then you will allow a pile of dirt on the surface of your face. The dirt pile is one causing factors of acne. Acne must be removed and this is a disfiguring skin disorder. Some people neglect of hygiene so that instead of getting the perfect makeup, they just add to acne.

Step 2 / Use Moisturizer

Next, after washing the face you should use a moisturizer. This step must be done prior to applying foundation, or you will cause your skin dry. This step is needed every time even in the way of how to apply makeup without foundation.

Step 3 / Applying Cream Foundation

The easiest way to apply the cream foundation is to use your fingers. However, before applying the foundation using fingers you need to make sure at first them (your fingers) have been in a clean state. To apply the cream foundation, you can start with forming small dots on the face such as cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and others. Then flatten them with your fingers. When flattening the dots make sure you do it in one way, because if you rub irregularly then you will only ruin your makeup results.

Step 4 / Hidden Face Areas

Once you are sure that you have perfect makeup result, apply the cream one more time in hidden face areas.

Step 5 / Apply Cream On The Neck

To make the color of your neck and your face look similar to each other, you can apply the cream on the neck. Do not skip this part or you will create gradations of color that can worsen your appearance.

Step 6 / Apply Concealer

The last step is to apply concealer on the parts of the face that have blemishes, pimples or acne scars. It is also important for you to apply concealer under the eyes so you can camouflage your eye bags (if any). Once everything has been done then you may be able to apply face powder.

We hope some of the above tips can help you in using the foundation cream correctly. Do not overdo the use of foundation cream because you will cause your appearance does not look natural. Good luck!

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