You promise yourself to lose weight, but to tear off another diet, unable to withstand at least a week of dietary intake. And the weight continued to grow. What to do?!

The situation seems hopeless to you, and to comfort yourself, you come back to the refrigerator. For many it is a vicious circle. After suffering many setbacks for weight loss, a person becomes accustomed to have their fullness and stops to fight for their appearance and health. And he continues to stick his “sorrow”, gaining even more weight loss.

Why despite the great desire to bring to the end of the diet in many slimming no matter how they tried not to get?

Break Away From The Diet: 5 Main Failures

Let’s look at the main reasons for the failure of failures:

  1. Lack of time;
  2. A specific schedule, that is difficult to follow a diet;
  3. The inability to purchase exotic products that are listed in the diet;
  4. Constant feeling of hunger, provoked a decrease in portions;
  5. Tasteless diet;
  6. Lack of willpower.

We will try in this article to tell how to overcome the main barriers to getting rid of excess weight.

3 tips how not to Break Away From The Diet

3 Tips How Not To Break Away From The Diet


Pick a diet that does not require cooking on complex recipes from the luxury and exotic products. Dietary menu is false to be simple, but, nevertheless, tasty and healthy. Of course, raw carrots to gnaw at breakfast are not necessary.

You can not bind to a particular diet, and make yourself a list of permitted products and the time optimal for the use of each of them.

For example, all perfectly suitable carbohydrates morning and daytime, in the evening, that’s better to focus on protein foods.


One of the most important rules of weight loss is the balance between income and expenditure of calories.

You have to keep track of your daily energy value of the diet and the cost of physical activity. But this does not mean that we should maintain a passive lifestyle, while eating 500 calories a day. This is not the right approach to weight loss, in which almost fat will remain in place, muscles and body greatly weakened.

All you need to eat moderately and diverse, and thus to actively move and play sports. Then the body will be like plastic from which to sculpt anything, but in your case it is a slim figure.

During physical activity, metabolism, responsible for the rate of digestion of nutrients faster than usual to digest food, and does not allow kcal transformed into body fat, consuming them as fuel for the body.


If you decide to start a new life, force yourself to survive the first few days. The body quickly gets used to good nutrition, moderate portions and intense exercise. And if before the impossibility of his schedule to squeeze in weight loss, it will be surprised how little time it takes.

If you feel the need to reduce their options, be sure to sit on a diet, do not be afraid of failures and defeats, believe in yourself and your strength!

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