Winter has always been a romantic season for some people but this season brings a variety of problems which are not commonly experienced in any other season. In winter, skin tends to look dry. When the season comes, skin tends to be dry, dehydrated, and experiencing itching. This article provides a few tricks so that we can keep our skin healthy during winter.

1. Using cream

During the winter, you are advised to use skin cream. Cream is more advisable than lotion. Cream contains a more complex formula and it is the best protector for you when winter arrives. You need a thick cream to prevent skin dehydration. To apply makeup in winter season, you should use a thicker foundation. One trick you can try is to use a cream half an hour before bedtime or half an hour before doing any outdoor activity.

2. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Maybe you are one of those who think that sunscreen is not required in the winter. In fact, you still need sun protection cream. Low temperatures and high winds will increase the harmful effects of sunlight. Some people experience a sensation of fire on their skin during the winter. You should use sunscreen with a high SPF level. Sunscreen has a crucial function to keep the skin safe especially for you who like outdoor activities. You should use sunscreen half an hour before doing your outdoor activities.

3. Use Gloves

The use of gloves during the fall and winter will prevent the skin becomes red and dry. Hand skin will be more sensitive in the winter so it requires a moisturizer and more nutrients than usual. You can apply a hand cream before putting your hands into gloves. Gloves will give your hand skin a protection from cold temperatures, as extreme temperatures can cause some wrinkles on your palm.

4. Limit Your Bath Time

In winter, taking a bath with hot water is very fun activity. But you need to realize that hot water can make your skin dry and irritated. If you get irritated skin then you can’t apply proper makeup for winter season. You have to spend a maximum of 30 minutes for a shower.

5. Maintain Moisture

You can use a hand cream 5 to 6 times a day depending on the condition of your skin. Bringing hand cream every time you travel will greatly help in maintaining the health of your skin.

6. Healthy Diet

During the winter, you need to focus more on health care, one of them by implementing a healthy diet. Vegetables and fish will help you to nourish the skin. You are also advised to consume more fruits because they can reduce the signs of aging that are commonly seen in the winter.

We hope following this 6 tips helps you to keep your skin health during the winter. You don’t need to worry anymore when winter comes. Happy winter!

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