There are plenty of hat styles actually; you just have to find the right one for you, whether you choose it for fashion purpose only or for its practical use, for example to keep your head warm.

4 Hat Styles To Choose In 2016

You often see on television how a hat could change the look of a celebrity. In this article we will provide some of the most well known hat styles for you to choose both in 2016 fashion and practical use.

1 / Tam

Short for Tam O’ Shanter, tam a Scottish hat that usually worn by men, made of wool and have many colors available. Tam is used by some Scottish military but in another country it’s used for stylish hat, for example in the golf course.

2 / Beret

beret style hat

The Beret is a round, flat hat that made from wool, originated in French but also worn in Spain long time ago. Beret also used by military in many countries and has many different colors to differ different division. But beret not only wore by military, you absolutely can wear it, for example as a cool weather outfit mix with scarf.

3 / Fedora

fedora hat
This men’s hat style originally was for women in the 1800’s but change gradually to men’s style and often associated with the great depression era. Many famous people are known to wear this hat like the gangster Al Capone and many celebrities in various movies.

4 / The Gatsby

gatsby hat style. newsboy hat
A hat that is flat, with a short brim and has a round shape and often referred as newsboy hat. The name Gatsby itself originated from the movie the great Gatsby. In that movie the man who wore this type of hat is sold a newspaper in the early 20’s century. Gatsby available in many different colors but mostly dark color like gray, brown, or navy blue, but white Gatsby is common as well, one of my favorite hat style.

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