We need to log enough Zs to be healthy and productive. Good pre-sleep habits are things that must be integrated into our wellness routine.

Here are a few bedtime tricks that we need to consider.

1 / Take Shower

Ideal body temperature is critical in regulating our sleep. We should shower at night to aid the whole process. Warm water may power us down and we will feel incredibly relaxed as we crawl into our blanket. We will surely have improved sleep quality.

2 / Meditate

Meditation should calm our mind and this practice offers plenty of health benefits, such as better sleep quality. Before we drift off, we may recite short mantra or prayers, so we will be able to sleep better at night.

3 / Write Short Journal

Many people find it hard to drift off to sleep and it is a good idea to write things out. We may find things that stress us out. By writing about something, we are able physically “throw” away things that cloud our mind. Journaling offers significant mind-boosting power and it is a good way to allow us to go to sleep.

4 / Drink Enough Water

Alcohol isn’t useful for good night’s rest and it is known that higher levels of alcohol may disrupt our sleep pattern. A glass of warm water or milk; is better than red wine. It’s enough to hydrate us through the night and we will have a good night’s sleep under our belt.

5 / Brush Teeth

It’s recommended to brush our teeth a couple of times each day. After dinner, bacteria and plaque form really fast, causing halitosis and poor mouth health.

6 / Light Exercise

It is actually a good idea to sweat slightly for our sleep, preferably before we take shower. We may stand up and move our feet in front of TV, while watching a favourite prime time TV show. Do this for 30 minutes and it is a much better option than sitting on the couch.

7 / Put TV&Mobile Devices Outside The Bedroom

Any kind of screen in the bedroom is a no-no. Using mobile tablets may seem like a harmless habit, but it could wreak havoc on our rest. Blue light emitted by TV, laptops and mobile devices will disrupt sleep cycles. Getting drawn deeper into social network conversation could also be quite harmful. It isn’t a good idea to depend on our mobile device to wake us up and it is possible to use regular alarm clocks instead.

8 / Eat Properly

If we want to sleep better at night, it is important for us to sleep healthily. If we want to have late night snack, some fruits will be better than sodium-rich snacks. High-fiber food is able to boost our sleep pattern and quality.

9 / Find Better Place For Your Pet

Sleeping in the same room with pet, may disrupt our sleep pattern. The absence of pet during bedtime will help our shuteye.

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