In this article will provide you a buying guide and aims to inform you on different factors of bedding in terms of technical and also quality aspects that will help you determine the best bedding item you can get within your budget.

7 Bedding Buying Factors

Bedding is an important furnishing part and there are various factors that need to consider like durability of the bed and how comfortable they are. You will need exclusive bedding items like pillows, sets, covers and cushions that allow a great comfort and add a touch of glamorous and sophistication to your bedroom.

You can say, you get what you buy, as quality is the most important aspects on creating the value of a bedding collection. You also must remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. Here are Some factors that will help you.


The thread-count in a fabric can help you determine the quality of the sheets. Usually it ranges between 80 to 12000 thread-count. If a sheet has a ranging thread-count from 180 to 500 that sheet is considered good and found in most of the stores. The quality of a sheet not only based on the thread-count but also depends on other technical factors, so you will find higher and lower count sheets in a similar price.


It is important to know the exact amount of cotton used in a particular sheet. Sometimes, you may end up buying a ‘cotton’ labeled sheets, but actually the cotton percentage and in combination of synthetic fiber is low. High count cotton with satin finish is one of a popular bedding materials.


One of the most important bedding item, mattresses, they come in two types, spring and regular foam. Regular high density foam mattress is good enough; you will get highly advanced mattresses that have a number of layers of thick foam to provide a complete comfort. On the other side, spring mattresses are more durable, and comfortable, but they are more expensive.


Measure the mattresses pocket depth carefully. To do that, start from the highest point of the mattress and got through the bottom. Remember to include the mattress pad and any additional bedding item that are used beneath them. Once you have checked the depth for appropriate thickness of your mattress, it will surely increase the comfort level of your sheet.

5/Fitted Sheets

This type has the elastic bands at both of the corner and around the boundary line. The anchor band makes a fitting sheet stay intact no matter how big is the mattress. It also allows a smooth sleeping feature for a great night sleep.


When the fabric gathers pills or groups of broken fibers on the surface resulting in fabric tangling, and the tangling resulting in the creation of small balls and make the sheet’s surface uneven. The pilling is the most common problem and the following tips can fix up the problem,

To avoid piling, try this:

  • While washing, it is better to select less shake option and choose short wash cycles instead.
  • Be sure not to over dry. Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as possible.
  • Follow the instructions and avoid washing along with other clothing, especially towels.

7/Cushions And Pillows

Those two are not just a great comforter, but also add a fresh touch of the bedding decoration. The bedding will incomplete without these items with an embroidery will enhance the beauty of your be room by many times. The main idea is choosing as many contrasting colors as possible, colors that go well with the bedroom decoration theme. You could harmonize with the bed covers, or do the cushions in great colors and embroidery.

Go with your personal style when decorating bedroom. Make sure that the fabric is comfortable, and the cushions are not overly decorative or studded. One last thing is the theme should harmonize with the entire bedding items.

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