Eventually, we need to renovate our house and it is a decision that will come to most homeowners at some time. The very thought of having our house being renovated may send shudders down our spine. We may cringe when workers start to dismantle our roof, make ugly holes on the wall or do other things.

House Renovation Project Tips

Without enough preparation, renovating our house can turn into a really disappointing state of affairs. We may have spent so much money and time for this purpose. Here are things we should do to make house renovation project a smoother process:

Tip 1. Look For Things That May Double Budget And Time

A renovation process may turn into a nightmare. A $8K bathroom renovation may come out at $15K plus. The 1-month minor renovation may become a 6-month major renovation. Simple renovations may become a massive undertaking if we are not fully prepared. The problem is, we can’t go back. Once we have knocked down the wall and striped the bathroom; we need to proceed with our project and don’t look back. We need to have a plan that includes definite budget and timeframe for the completion of the project.

Tip 2. Learn How To Make Decisions Decisively

When we plan to renovate our house, we should thrive in making decisions. It may not be a good idea to renovate our house, if we make one decision today and change it the next day. As we are dealing with many little details, we may find that decisions are needed everywhere. One decision may affect dozens of other decisions in the near following days. We should have a clear idea, what color scheme we want to use for the living room and the kitchen. This will have an effect on subsequent choices, such as the right selection of cupboards, flooring and bench tops. Without proper preparation, we may have objects that are entirely out-of-scheme. Make a few indecisive decisions and multiple them by a lot of house renovation details, it would be a mess.

Tip 3. Prepare for major changes

Like wedding and having a baby, renovation will completely affect our life. There will be added pressure when we want to take a bath, prepare for breakfast, go to work and sleep. We may need to do these routine activities longer due to relative disorganization in our house. Evenings can be dominated by discussions and decision-making process. Weekends will be filled with visits to tile shops, hardware store, furniture store and other similar places. This can become quite an effortful activity for many house owners.

Tip 4. Consider Where We Need To Stay

While the house is being renovated, we could be confronted with a number of options. If we stay in the house, we could live without outside wall, cooking facilities and fully functioning bathroom. We don’t mind camping in the backyard for just one night, but it can be troublesome if we have to do this for a few months. Another option is to find a proper rental property. However, choosing a rental property means that we need to spend extra money and not many landlords want to rent their houses for less than one year. We may also move in to parents’ house, which can become a new source of conflicts in future. Prepare the proper interim housing option before we start renovating our house.

Tip 5. Be Prepared For Imperfections

Although all the works have been completed properly, there could be details that we don’t like. They could be results of compromises that we need to take or simply pure mistakes. This could become a rather disheartening thing for many people. A homeowner may hate the bathtub placement every time he goes to the bathroom. Another homeowner may relive her contractor’s mistake each time she washes the dishes uncomfortably, due to improper sink placement.

Despite all the challenges, renovation can be full of joy. With good preparation, we may take a deep breath, before plunging headlong into the whole process.

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